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For Fellows

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Post-Institute Chats
CLIR and EDUCAUSE host regular chat sessions for all alumni of the Leading Change/Frye Leadership Institutes. 

The discussions are moderated by the Institute's deans, Joanne Kossuth and Elliott Shore, and focus on a variety of topics of interest to alumni. These sessions are private and only those who have attended the Institute may participate. Reminders will be sent round the all-class listserv prior to each chat. If you misplace or do not receive the message with the meeting information, please .

Institute fellows are entitled to join two listservs: one for their cohort and one that includes fellows from all previous years. These listservs are private and may only be joined by those who have participated in the Institute, so all requests to join, or change one's email address, are handled by CLIR and EDUCAUSE.

To request an email address update/change:
Click here to send a message to the list owner. Please include your name, class year and the email address you'd like to use to send and receive messages. Fellows can add more than one email address to a listserv if desired (for instance, a personal and a business email). Upon request, one of these can also be set to NOMAIL to prevent duplicate delivery of messages. This allows you to send messages from two (or more) addresses while only receiving them at one, preventing duplicate emails in your inboxes.

To access the listserv archives:
The main Leading Change Institute listserv archives can be accessed here:

To access the archives for your individual cohort's list, add the 4-digit class year to the end of the main listserv's URL, e.g.

Since the archives are private and available only to those registered on the listservs, one must to log in to view them. If you are not already logged in, when you access the listserv you will be redirected to a log-in screen. If you haven’t already created a password for the listserv in question, you can create your own by clicking the “get a new LISTSERV password” link on the log-in page. As long as your email address is in the system you can choose and set your own password; just be sure you use the email registered with the list when you establish a new password, since the system verifies your access to the list by checking your email address against those already authenticated in the system.

LinkedIn Group
To access or join the all-class LinkedIn group, click here.