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How Do I Apply?

Application Process


CLIR and EDUCAUSE are now accepting applications for the 2018 Leading Change Institute! Applications are due by Tuesday, January 16, 2018. 


Application Process | Selection Process | Tuition

Application Process

Link to the online application form >>

Cover Letter (two pages maximum). Provide a cover letter for the selection committee that includes responses to the following:

  • Identify your interest in being a leader in higher education.
  • Summarize your experience. If you have previously participated in the Leading Change/Frye Leadership Institute, identify which class and describe the impact the experience has had on your career.

Statement of Purpose (two pages maximum). Your statement of purpose should address the following topics:

  • From your perspective, what are the top three issues facing higher education today? Why?
  • What are your own institution’s priorities and challenges with regard to leveraging information and technologies for the benefit of the entire organization? If there was one thing you could change about your institution, what would it be; and what is the one unique aspect of your institution you would like to keep?

Letter of Support.
Provide a letter that speaks to your readiness and ability to be a national leader in higher education. This letter might come from a colleague who knows you well, a supervisor whose work you admire, or a mentor who demonstrates a method of leadership you find inspirational. This individual could be a leader at your own institution, such as your president, chancellor, or dean; or someone at another institution with whom you’ve worked closely.

Curriculum Vitae (two page maximum).

Please note:

  • The application deadline is Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  • Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by March 1, 2018.
  • Tuition for the 2018 Leading Change Institute is $6,000 (participants from CLIR sponsoring institutions are eligible for a $500 discount on the LCI's tuition). A nonrefundable deposit of $3,000 is due upon acceptance; the remainder must be paid by May 15, 2018. For further information about the cost of the LCI, please see the What is the Cost? page.

 If you have questions, please contact Amy Lucko.


Selection Process

Acceptance to the Leading Change Institute is made through a competitive application process. The selection committee, composed of senior staff at CLIR and EDUCAUSE, seeks to create a participant group with diverse experience, background, and perspectives.

The goal of the Leading Change Institute is to prepare participants for a depth and breadth of experiences that can be leveraged to advocate for, initiate and lead change as the higher education landscape evolves. Successful applications to the Institute include polished, professional cover letters and statements of purpose, and strong letters of support. Through the application, the selection committee seeks to learn an applicant’s background and to hear in the applicant’s own words how he or she expresses the willingness and ability to serve the higher education community in a leadership capacity in the future.

The most competitive applications reflect the applicant’s ability to think in big-picture terms. They display deeply thoughtful examinations of the higher education landscape and provide the selection committee members with compelling evidence that the applicant has sought out and been successful in leadership roles, and has engaged with the community to an extent that the committee has confidence that they are familiar with, and can envision the challenges and opportunities within, a wider context than just that represented by their home institution (or, in the case of a person who has worked at more than one, institutions).

They demonstrate that the applicant is an individual who understands teamwork and is interested in and skilled at building relationships; a person who can engage collegially, collaboratively and productively with a wide variety of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds and at all levels of higher education, including e.g. students, professional peers, faculty and scholars, provosts, and presidents, and also those who do not themselves work in institutions of higher education but may work with them, such as government officials, journalists, those at for-profit institutions, and funders.

The acceptance rate to the Institute varies, as every year’s application pool is unique; the average acceptance rate is 46%. Individuals whose applications to the Institute have been unsuccessful in previous years are encouraged to revise and resubmit their applications as their careers progress and they can provide ever-stronger evidence of their readiness to lead.



Tuition for the 2018 Leading Change Institute is $6,000. For more information regarding costs related to the Institute, please click here.